Tuesday, July 19, 2005

"Mars Rovers Wheel Onward"

Go rovers!

This is probably the most successful space mission in a very long time. And it has produced some absolutely magnificent images.


Alexander said...

sorry i put this on the wrong one...

I noticed that you had a lot of articles related to NASA on your site, and it looks like you support them...

Well I have a different view on NASA i'd appreciate it if you read my blog about them

thanks if you do

Albatross said...


After looking at your blog, I can see you are no fan of NASA. I am not necessarily a fan of NASA itself. I am a supporter of space exploration, and NASA just happens to dominate the space exploration biz.

As to why I support space exploration, I think it is important to know as much as possible about the universe we live in. Yes, the money could be spent somewhere else, but it can in any case you mention. Why study endangered species when the money could be used for cancer research? Why invest billions in cell phone technology when we could be investing in food for Africa? Why spend on stem cells when we could spend on orphans? And so on.

So, simply saying that money spent on space is a waste just because it could be spent elsewhere is not a strong argument in itself. I am a fan of knowing the universe as much as we can. Therefore, I am a fan of exploring space.

Alexander said...


In response to your response, i would just like to mention that i do not support stem cell research.

Anyway, i just think that we should be spending our money on something on our planet that would help our society. I just dont see how knowing the location of stars thousands and millions of lightyears away matters to us, or helps us in any way.