Saturday, November 26, 2005

"Japanese Space Probe May Be in Trouble"

I hope not.

It seems that the Hayabusa probe has already gathered some dust from the asteroid Itokawa, and it is now awaiting the return home with its unique--if miniscule--cargo. That is, if the Japanese can overcome yet another problem on this mission.

The Hayabusa probe, hovering about three miles from the asteroid, appeared to be shaking due to a possible gas leak from a thruster, said Atsushi Akoh, a spokesman for Japan's space agency, JAXA.

JAXA will put Hayabusa into "safety mode" — which stabilizes the probe by turning its solar panels toward the sun — for two to three days to investigate, Akoh said.

Good luck to them.

Oh, and don't let this guy know what they are doing. He might accuse them of excavating for a military base.

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