Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Fighting panda extinction

This should make the lovers of the endangered panda quite happy: "China enjoying baby boom in artificially bred pandas"

Hooray! Maybe the little buggers have finally learned to breed on their ow--- oh, I see.

A total of 30 pandas were born in China this year through artificial insemination, including 11 sets of twins, Zhang Zhihe, director of the China Giant Panda Breeding Technical Committee told Xinhua news agency on Tuesday.

Although three died shortly after being born, the number of new pandas this year is the most since Chinese biologists began artificially breeding the endangered species in 1960, the report said. [emphases added]

They haven't learned, then. Oh well, I guess porn couldn't hurt.
BANGKOK (AFP) - A Thai zoo will show its star residents, a pair of young giant pandas, "porn" videos to teach the famously sexually-inactive animals how to mate.

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