Sunday, January 06, 2008

Edit, edit, edit

I know content providers for Web sites -- especially news sites -- are often under tight deadlines, but that's no excuse for the story from WOAI below, which is just an example of sloppy writing.

Three masked men kick down the door of a home on the east side. The family inside was held at gunpoint, robbed of their money, identification and even their car.

The woman who was asleep inside that home shared her story with News 4.

The woman, who wished to remain unidentified, said she was scared for her life. The mother of four said she was sound asleep Friday night when three men, all dressed in all black, kicked in her door.

"They put us on the floor with blankets on top," said the woman. "They took my babies in the back and [told] {These brackets in original. --ed.} them to lay down on the floor too,'" she continued.

The woman said the masked [men] {These brackets mine. --ed.} demanded money and drugs. But the woman told the buglers she didn't have any drugs.

"They said you're lying you're lying and I said no, the only money I have is in my purse," explained the woman.

The buglers took her purse along with her IDs, Social Security card and her truck. [Emphases added]

Once is a mistake. Twice is sloppy. Unless, of course, the burglars were tooting their own horns.


Anonymous said...

Having always told my students to proofread, proofread, and proofread some more, I'm always happy to see someone else as vigilant as I about spelling mistakes. I must admit that I can hastily make a few of my own; however, if I were publishing as in this case, I'd fine tooth my comb a little more.

How about those buglers! Hehehe, Albatross, good one!

It's actually the reporter who hit a sour note with those of us who are sticklers for correct spelling by her bungling the spelling!

Albatross said...

Hasty mistakes are forgivable. Lack of a command of the language when your job involves writing for publication is not. This example is of the latter ilk. And, you're right, it hit a sour note.