Monday, January 19, 2009


I don't do politics much on this blog, but I wanted to take a quick moment on the last official day of his tenure to thank George W. Bush for his service. He had the guts to depose Saddam Hussein, which his father and Bill Clinton should have done, and that made an impression on me. I also met Bush once when he was the governor of Texas, and I remember him as polite, amiable, and well-spoken. I hope history is kinder to him than his contemporary critics were.

Bush made mistakes, but most presidents do, and he was too often vilified just because that was the cool thing to do for the media and the lefties out there. I know the new president, Barack Obama, will also get criticism -- much of it unfair -- but I doubt we will see the kind of slobbering hatred that was directed toward our 43rd president. Let's all be nice for at least the next four years. That doesn't mean you can't be critical of the president. Let's just not get out of control.

Thanks, George Bush. You've done well.

Welcome Barack Obama. Good luck.


kaktuz' said...

i dont live in America, but your opinion was good to say enough for W. i think its good that American people warmly meet with they new president.
P.s sorry of mistakes. ;>

Albatross said...

Thanks for your comments!