Monday, April 20, 2009

What I just finished reading yesterday

I know, it's incredibly geeky, but I really did just finish reading this book.

I bought it for some medieval class I took long ago, and it's one of those old college books that just never left my possession. It reproduces passages from earlier works that were familiar to and had an influence on Geoffrey Chaucer, and the point of the book is to read the original pieces and compare them to the relevant passages from Chaucer's works. Some of the pieces are blah and uninteresting, but some are quite entertaining. And, since they are packaged in sections that are usually just a few pages long, it's easy to read over a series of short sessions. With a full-time job and children, most of the time I only get about five or ten minutes of reading time to myself, so often I will need something that lends itself to quick reads. This fit the bill nicely.

Now I'm a little inspired to pick up Chaucer again and reread some of his stuff. But that might take me a bit longer and require a little more concentration. It is in Middle English, after all, and I am a bit rusty.

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