Saturday, November 28, 2009

Where do YOU store your potatoes?

A blog I check out from time to time is Sorry I Missed Your Party, the proprietor of which (Party Pooper) skims through Flickr photo threads and posts some very interesting images of people having fun at parties. On Thanksgiving 2009, Party Pooper posted this picture:

According to the information on the Flickr thread, that's a picture from an Oscar-night party in New York in 2005. OK, it's a party, so here's this woman in an sheer top holding a mostly-empty bottle of vodka and not looking like she really cares who won the Oscar for Best Scoring for a Video Game Turned Into a Movie. What's so odd about that?

Nothing. Until you look behind the woman.

And then you will see ----- what the hell is that little cubby-hole cut into the wall right at floor level? And what's inside? Potatoes!?!

My God, who does that to their house and thinks it's actually a smart way to store your root vegetables? Or who moves into a house with that feature and decides to continue using it rather than immediately covering it over with a patch and some new paint? I mean, jeez, at least put a little door on that thing so your guests (and everyone else checking out this Flickr thread) don't have to watch your forgotten vegetables start taking root.

Believe me, people at parties notice these kinds of things.


AlanDP said...

Here's a thought that may make this even more disturbing:

I believe a previous owner of this house created that little nook as a cat cubby. That's what it looks like to me.

Let's hope the new owner at least isn't using the original cat basket to store his potatoes.

Peter said...

I'm the owner of the house, and it is indeed a kitchen root cellar that is indeed supposed to be used to store root vegetables. It's an old house, built in the 20s. Old houses have quirky little features like that.

We've since renovated the kitchen and there's now a door there. But sorry that it wasn't at the top of our list of things to do when we moved in. Sheesh.

Albatross said...

Ha! Thanks for stopping by, Peter. And thanks for schooling me on root cellars. Down here in South Texas, we don't really have cellars or basements as standard features of houses, and most people store food in pantries.

P.S.: Looks like you had a great party!