Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Review: State quarters - West Virginia


I'm sure the New River Gorge Bridge is an awesome sight to see in person, but on the back of a quarter? Not so much, West Virginia.

Overall rating - 2 - Mediocre

Back out west for Nevada.


Keith Alan K said...

"I'm sure the ***** is an awesome sight to see in person, but on the back of a quarter?"

My customers seem to have trouble understanding where I'm going when I ask for the destination and size of a picture I'm about to make.
I have some prints that look great at 3x4 feet which would look like two stripes of color on a 4x6", and there are plenty of limitations and considerations in-between.

State quarters have more in common with Facebook profile photos and postage stamps than anything else.

As you continue this excellent series it's become clear which states approved a design on a sheet of standard paper versus an ACTUAL SIZE mock-up.
There's a whole different reality between a new State Seal for the Governor's podium or a flag, and a miniscule quarter.

Albatross said...

"Excellent series"?

You flatter me.

Keith Alan K said...

It's fun and different and when you get snarky I laugh.
Find myself looking forward to the next review.
Can I write one as a guest blogger, from a photographer's perspective?

(Word verification = pophog)

Albatross said...

Certainly. E-mail me at strangesanantonio("at" symbol)gmail(dot)com