Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Concert -- KISS

January 30, 1985
Convention Center Arena
Opening act: Queensrÿche

In my previous post, I said this: I was beginning to think that these headline acts just didn't know how to pick an opening act worth anything.

This concert proved me wrong. The guys in KISS are legends, and they are professionals. And they definitely know how to pick an opening act.

This concert was part of the tour supporting their Animalize album, and the show was fantastic. And Queensrÿche, their star still ascending, wowed the crowd with their polished licks, piercing vocals, and professional mien, demonstrating the goodness yet to come for the band. They were a great opening act for KISS, and no one in their right mind at that concert came away disappointed.


the pistolero said...

Oh-hoo, I bet that was made of all kinds of win. I picked up QR's self-titled EP -- the remastered version with the Live In Tokyo set included as a bonus -- and Geoff Tate was sounding phenomenal then. I'd love to see a set list from the show you went to.

Albatross said...

That was their tour for The Warning, so they pretty much played everything from that and their EP.

Stay tuned -- there's more Queensrÿche to come!

the pistolero said...

Yep, that's what I was thinking. Can't wait to see what you think of that album, by the way. ;-)