Tuesday, March 29, 2011

"Top 10 cartoon theme songs from the 80's"

Holy mind blank!

During the 1980s I went from the advent of teenagerdom to my virile early 20s, just the demographic for such mindless entertainment. But you know what? I've never heard of any of these shows!

Man, they made a lot of crap back then!


AlanDP said...

All about magic or technology sufficiently advanced that it appears to be magic.

The music is totally 80s. No other decade could sound like that.

By that time, I wasn't watching Saturday morning cartoons much anymore, possibly because I was getting too old (a few years older than you, it seems), but mostly because Saturday morning had become such utter garbage compared to what I had grown up with. I never watched any of these shows, save one.

The exception is "Mighty Orbots." You can't tell from the poor quality of this video, but that cartoon had some amazing animation, the like of which I had never seen before. Later I learned that this must have been my first exposure to something approaching anime.

AlanDP said...

Oh yeah, I do remember playing Pole Position at the video arcade.

Albatross said...

Same here. I remember the Pole Position video game, but I never knew there was a cartoon based on it.

And "Jem"? WTF was that?

AlanDP said...

I was going to say I thought it was based on some dolls, so I looked it up, and yes, it was based on some dolls.

Keith Alan K said...

Wow--that was torture. I was waiting to hear a voice I recognized, and finally that last one reminded me of Don Dokken, or maybe Michael Sweet.