Saturday, August 27, 2011

What we did today


I got out that old Winchester Model 77 .22 that I had shot previously with my wife (told you about it here), and this time I took my son out to the range. That's him shooting in the video. It's his first time firing a rifle, and he didn't do half bad. Once he got used to the other, larger caliber rifles popping off around him (his first time at the range, too) he settled in to the shooting at hand and found the whole experience much more satisfying than shooting pellet guns.

But, then again, don't we all?

I took Keith's advice from the comments in that post linked above and switched ammo. In the previous shoot I was using Remington rounds, and they were fouling the chamber something fierce. We had to stop shooting on that day in January well before we ran out of ammo because the gunk built up too much and the jams and misfeeds were getting too frequent. For today's shoot, I used CCIs, and we only had one jam the whole morning. Thanks for the advice, Keith.


AlanDP said...

I used to have a problem with Federal ammo gunking up my 10-22. I switched to CCI only and never had the problem again.

Keith Alan K said...

Awesome. Makes me feel good to hear about kids getting some quality range time. You can never start them too young when it comes to de-mystifying guns and starting them on the road to safe handling practices.