Saturday, October 29, 2011

Air show 2011

We went out to Randolph AFB this morning, and we saw lots of things. Things that looked like this:

Yes, mean-looking things. And sleek things. And absolutely big things, utterly sublime and breathtaking.

We also saw the coolest F-16 ever to split the air on this planet.

And the mark of possibly the most dangerous Punisher fan around.

And we saw a bit of history, too, in the form of the quintessential bomber of World War II.

And we saw a few more historical bombers, one of which could not be outdone in the patriotism department.

And above all, it was perfect weather. Cool in the morning, clear, warming into the afternoon, and nothing to block your view of aviation prowess.

It was a good day.

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Keith Alan K said...

Awesome. Wish I could have gone, but I did get to see the Blue Angels in formation (of course) near my 'hood heading towards Kelly.