Saturday, July 21, 2012

My toolbox knife

Just over a week ago, Alan at Blognomicon found a Buck Juno knife while going about his daily rounds. I mentioned at the time that that knife would make a pretty good toolbox knife if he could clean it up a bit. Clean it up, he did, and now he says it could be an everyday carry knife.

While doing some chores today, I ended up using my toolbox knife. Remembering Alan's Buck Juno, I got to wondering where I got the knife that I keep in my toolbox. And, after thinking nice and hard for a little while, I just couldn't remember.

Here it is:

It's a Rigid RG49, and it's a brand of knife that I've never heard of. I did a search on the internet and found only one mention of this knife anywhere! And it was some guy trying to sell the one he had.

Holy cow! I think I found this thing, and I use it in my toolbox, but apparently it's so rare that there is only one other guy out there that owns one and is willing to talk about it. (I'm sure there are more mentions of this knife, somewhere. I simply didn't find them.) I don't think the knife is actually worth much, but it doesn't seem to be too common.

It's a pretty good knife, though. I don't care much for the fully-serrated blade, but it's a solid knife with no play in the blade and a smooth open. I've been using it for many years and have been happy with its performance.

I just hope it's not a collector's item. Because I sure haven't been treating it like I was a collector.


AlanDP said...

Interesting bear claw emblem there. I've never seen/heard of this brand before.

AlanDP said...

Er...your Google-fu must be weak. I looked for "Rigid knives" and got about 2 million hits. Maybe you read that number wrong. Here's one that shows what looks like your knife, but it's a RG48, selling for $60!

Albatross said...

Hmm, interesting. My "rigid knife" search returned a bunch of links to sites for knives that are "rigid" (as in fixed, not foldable) as opposed to "Rigid" brand. Of course, I was also looking up "RG49" as a search string (which is the actual model number and apparently the serrated version of the RG48), and that got one hit on the knife and a whole lot more for a particular brand of industrial dishwashing racks.

But I checked out that link you provided and ---- Holy crap! Rigids are nice knives! What am I doing with that in my toolbox?!

Albatross said...

P.S.: Now Google shows my knife in an image search. Yay!