Sunday, August 11, 2013

What I just bought for $5.00


That's Johnny Cash's At Folsom Prison, one of the most influential albums of my young, tender formative years. It was one of my father's albums, and it was also one of the albums my mother hated for us boys to listen to. So, of course we listened to it on the sly whenever we could.

And, believe it or not, I never had this complete album in my collection. Until today, when Amazon chose to run it as a special -- just five dollars. For the whole album.

Childhood memories relived are worth a few bucks, dontcha think?

Now, excuse me while I go listen to it again. On the sly, for old time's sake.


AlanDP said...

Thanks for the tip. Downloading it now.

thesouthtexaspistolero said...

Yep, that's some good stuff.

Keith Alan K said...

A favorite from AM radios sitting by the pool on Randolph AFB in the '60s.
Welcome back--missed you!