Monday, June 27, 2005

Finding a label?

Philip Stott's article, "On Being a Mitigated Sceptic", deals primarily with the issue of global warming and its status as a religion among those who accept it unquestioningly. Though I tend to agree with Stott on his views of global warming --
The fundamental question in relation to ''global warming'' is: "Can humans manipulate climate predictably?" Putting this more scientifically: "Will cutting carbon dioxide emissions at the margin produce a linear, predictable change in climate?"

-- I like more his concept of a "mitigated" skeptic, especially as applied to my own world view. If I must settle on a label for myself, don't call me a liberal or a conservative. Don't call me fundamentalist or atheist. Don't place me anywhere on the opposite extremes. Refer to me as a mitigated skeptic, if you must label me at all.

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Alexander said...

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