Tuesday, May 16, 2006

"Soldiers test space-age water purification system"

What can be done for the residents of a village whose sole source of water is severely tainted? Well, if the U.S. Army is nearby, you might see if they could help out.

From Sgt. Dennis Gravelle of the 138th Mobile Public Affairs Detachment:

A creek running through the small village [of Dahuk] in northern Iraq is the only natural source of drinking water for the residents. Because there is no filtration system, the water contains pesticides, fertilizers and other chemicals used in the heavily agricultural community. ...

“This village lost 10 children in June 2003 from drinking sewer water out of the stream, because there was no other water,” [Concern for Kids's John] Anderson said.

The 401st CA Bn. and NGO are testing a space-aged portable water filtering and purification system that was originally designed for NASA, which models after the space shuttle water recycling system.

Good work, guys.

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