Wednesday, February 14, 2007

"AIDS virus weakness detected"

This sounds promising.

U.S. National Institutes of Health researcher Peter Kwong said the study, published in the journal Nature, may reveal HIV's long-sought "site of vulnerability" that can be targeted with a vaccine aimed at preventing initial infection.

"Having that site and knowing that you can make antibodies against it means that a vaccine is possible," Kwong said in a telephone interview.

"It doesn't say we've gotten there. But it's taken it off the list from an impossible dream and converted it to something that is a (mere) technical barrier."

I'm all for the eradication of disease, especially the killer ones that have no cure. If we can find a vaccine for AIDS, then maybe we can find a cure for cancer. Then I will be one of the happiest persons alive.

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hchitapu said...

Hai i was very faccinated by your article.could you please keep on updating me any clue leading to the cure or vaccine for HIV/AIDS.I am a natural scientist student on the quest for the cure or vaccine leading to the triumph of this battle.