Monday, February 12, 2007

"Cheetahs kill zoo-goer who entered cage"

Here's another reminder that wild animals are not pets, and we should not make the mistake of thinking they will treat us like anything but food.

BRUSSELS, Belgium - An animal lover was mauled to death by cheetahs after entering their cage at a zoo in northern Belgium, authorities and zoo officials said Monday.

Karen Aerts, 37, of Antwerp, was found dead in the cage, Olmense Zoo spokesman Jan Libot said. Police said they ruled out any foul play.

Authorities believe Aerts, a regular visitor to the zoo, hid in the park late Sunday until it closed and managed to find the keys to the cheetah cage.

"Karen loved animals. Unfortunately the cheetahs betrayed her trust," Libot said.

They always will. Just because we want them to be friendly doesn't mean they will.

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