Thursday, October 01, 2009

Top 10 Metal Solos, Part 1

Here is a list of guitar solos from heavy metal songs that I find particularly enjoyable to listen to. I did not compile this list with technical proficiency or musicality in mind (though many of these solos certainly possess such qualities). I simply picked ten that have a certain "replay" quality, which means I find myself replaying the solos immediately after hearing them just so I can hear them again. Over and over again.

Here are the first five of my top ten.

Black Sabbath, "Lonely is the Word" from Heaven and Hell
Guitarist - Tony Iommi

Dream Theater, "Under a Glass Moon" from Images and Words
Guitarist - John Petrucci

Judas Priest, "Freewheel Burning" from Defenders of the Faith
Guitarist - Glenn Tipton

Megadeth, "Hangar 18" from Rust in Peace
Guitarists - Dave Mustaine and Marty Friedman

Metallica, Blackened from ...And Justice For All
Guitarist - Kirk Hammett

Part 2 of this list to come later. (UPDATE: Here it is.)

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