Thursday, February 18, 2010

Review: State quarters - New York

OK, I really like this quarter design, and I'm going to tell you why.

Wait, no. I don't have to tell you. Just look at it! It's got the Statue of Liberty on it! How can you get more American than that? The designers of the New York coin could have gone all self-referential on us and featured something that focuses on New York City. But they didn't. They could have gone all urbane on us and featured something that showcased high art or theater. But they didn't. They could have gone all cosmopolitan on us and featured something international in character, like the U.N. building (shudder). But they didn't.

No. They went all American on us and showcased that most American of icons, that beautiful lady, that work of Bartholdi and gift from France, the Statue of Liberty. And I thank them for it!

Good job.

Oh, and the state outline is cool and the slogan, "Gateway to Freedom", is very American, too.

Overall rating - 5 - Best

Keep your eyes open for North Carolina.


Keith Alan K said...

"Gateway To Freedom" should read "Gateway To Westward Expansion And Commerce".
That's why the Hudson River going north from NYC and the Erie Canal heading west are so prominent. The canal enabled cargo to go from the Atlantic ocean to the Great Lakes and vice versa, which is what got America up and running.
Furs, grain, iron/steel, beef, cotton, all from the heartland over to Europe long before the railroads.
It's a nice quarter.
I'm really enjoying this series.
Will you be doing the territories, too?

Albatross said...

Yeah, I'm already thinking about the territories, but I've got about 40 more reviews to go before I get there. But here's a hint -- it doesn't look good for all those little islands!

Thanks for your comments, though. I'm glad you're enjoying it.