Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Things that make you go "Why?"

OK. I like Star Trek. It's very entertaining. (Except for Nemesis!)

But, please----c'mon guys!
Australia's Jenolan Caves will soon offer the world's first audio tour voiced entirely in Klingon, the guttural language created for the popular "Star Trek" aliens with bumpy foreheads and a warrior's mentality.

On Aug. 22, the Klingon language will be one of three options added to the eight currently available for the self-guided audio tour through the "Nettle Cave." As many as 200,000 people pass through the chambers of this underground labyrinth annually, making it the most visited cave on the continent, Jenolan Caves Reserve Trust officials said in a statement.

"We are poised to boldly go where no other tourist attraction has gone before, with the first cave tour in the world to be available in the Klingon language," Reserve Trust officials said.
(from Space.com)

OK, this, and exactly this, is why people who are not Star Trek fans sometimes think that all Star Trek fans are such freaks. I like to have fun and all, but really, out of all the blessed languages on the Earth that actually are spoken by humans and carry meaning outside of a fictional space show someone actually chose to use whatever influence they had to convince someone else in an official position to accept Klingon as a legitimate language option on tours of the most-visited cave on the continent?!!

Geez! Elvish would have been a cooler choice.

But not by much.

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