Monday, October 11, 2010

"Water Ice Common on Asteroids, Discovery Suggests"

This is very good news for anyone who thinks we have a shot at a serious presence among the stars.
Scientists have discovered water ice on an asteroid for the second time, suggesting that it is more common on space rocks in our solar system than previously thought.

Two research teams have found evidence of water ice and organic molecules on the asteroid 65 Cybele, just six months after discovering the same stuff on a different space rock — asteroid 24 Themis — for the first time. The results suggest that asteroids may have delivered much of these essential materials for life to the early Earth, the researchers said.

"This discovery suggests that this region of our solar system contains more water ice than anticipated," said Humberto Campins, of the University of Central Florida, in a statement. "And it supports the theory that asteroids may have hit Earth and brought our planet its water and the building blocks for life to form and evolve here."
Let's just hope there's a substantial amount of water in the asteroids. And then let's get up there and mine the heck out of them.

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