Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Review: State quarters - Wyoming

Here is an example of something great that is made lesser by something ungreat.

If Wyoming had just stuck with the silhouette of the bucking bronco, this would have been one of the best designs, hands down. That silhouette speaks to the American Wild West more than anything else, and it is an image that is widely recognized and generally accepted as a key component the cowboy culture and history.

So, what could reduce the greatness of this symbol of roughness and wildness and true grit and determination?

The state nickname: The Equality State


Or, more precisely, *whothehellpickedthattobethestatenickname!??!?1!!* and *whothoughtthatwouldlookgreatonourquarter?!!?1?!!!*

Overall rating - 3 - Good

Utah's next.

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